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Time:11:44 pm
Today, after playing soccer, I had a hot bath while listening to Siamese Dream and reading "Wolves of the Calla." It was wonderful.
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Subject:Applying for another job.
Time:04:09 pm

I just applied at the Abbotsford News. They were advertising for an full-time entry-level reporter, so I let them know that I was perfect for the job. Here's hoping it amounts to something. Otherwise I'll likely be working for minimum wage come January.

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Time:01:22 am

I don't have a job.

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Subject:By the way...
Time:08:56 pm

I have a job.

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Subject:Top 10
Time:02:46 pm

In a fit of boredom, I'm making a list of my top 10 favorite albums by female artists/female fronted bands:

10. Sixpence None The Richer - s/t
Everyone knows the song "Kiss Me," but that song's kitchsy cuteness belies the rest of this album's maturity and depth. A gorgeous album.

09. Björk - Médülla
What a weird and wonderful album. While it may not be Björk's best album, it is my favourite of her's. Composed primarily of different voices, this experiment in sound manages to be beautiful, haunting, and catchy at the same time.

08. No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
A classic album of the 90's, full of great singles and fun ska; you know, back when ska was still cool? Gwen without the band pales in comparison.

07. Iona - Live: Heaven's Bright Sun
Though the entire band is composed of incredibly talented musicians, Iona is carried along by the strength of Joanne Hogg's voice, which is beautifully haunting. They are easily best experienced live.

06. Chasing Furies - With Abandon
About the only good thing to come out of CCM in the late 90's, this album can criminally be found in almost any Christian bookstore's bargain bin, yet further evidence that CCM wouldn't recognize good music if it slapped them in the face repeatedly and then kicked them in the junk. Fantastic album from three siblings: two sisters and a brother.

05. Jorane - The You and the Now
I first heard of Jorane when she opened for Sarah Slean in Vancouver. She walked up on stage by herself, armed only with a cello, then proceeded to play some of the strangest singer-songwriter music I've ever heard. Great stuff.

04. Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing
This is a beautiful album that should be in everyone's CD collection. Sarah McLachlan has an untouchable voice.

03. Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
There's a reason this is one of the best selling records of all time. I love this album, no matter what anyone else might say. "You Oughta Know" is the anthem for 90's women as much as "Flagpole Sitta" is an anthem for 90's men. At least, that's how I understand it.

02. Sarah Slean - Day One
This is my favourite pop album, bar none. Quirky, intelligent, and catchy, songs from this album will be my first picks for movie soundtracks...once I start making movies, that is. "Pilgrim," "Lucky Me," "Day One," "Out in the Park," "When Another Midnight," and "Wake Up" are all fantastic songs, but the entire album is filled with phenomenal melodies, intriguing instrumentation, and fantastic lyrics. Buy it.

01. Feist - Let it Die
After gaining notoriety as a member of Montreal's conglomeration of musicians, Broken Social Scene, Feist produced this fantastic folk-pop album, laced with lyrical gems and beatiful melodies. This album will delight you with quirky eccentricities like "Mushaboom," break your heart with "Let it Die," then convince you to dance with Bee Gees cover "Inside and Out." The variety of this album pushes it above Day One, but it might also depend on my mood. Either album could be number one on this list.

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Subject:If I'm going to post, it may as well be artsy.
Time:03:08 pm

I went camping with my Dad yesterday. We went to Chilliwack Lake and did some canoeing. What follows are some thoughts, poems, and other bits and pieces.

Reflections on Chilliwack Lake

We paddled around the lake,
pausing at the pretty parts,
pondering the silence, and
enjoying time and spaces.
The mountain peaks to the east
were the colour of an
indian-red crayon,
that most politically incorrect
crayon, aside from "flesh,"
that utterly confused me
as a child.
Etched into the mountain by
endless tears,
were the worry lines of
a thousand generations.
The reflection of the sun
imprinted itself on my eyes in
purple and teal.
A bird cried out like a
child holding an improbable
science-fiction ray gun
- beeioou beeioou -
until the high-pitched
machine gun reply
of its mother urged its
Each stroke caused mini-whirlpools
of sight and sound, ever-so-slightly
disturbing the perfectly placid
waters that welcomed the
intrusion, so that some
one, thing, or otherwise
might enjoy its pleasures.

A middle-aged man in multi-coloured shorts

A middle-aged man in multi-coloured shorts, with a long ponytail and a ratty beard, clears rocks and stones from the water, leaving nothing but soft sand for barefooted exploration. His dog fails to fetch a red rubber ball, as his wife, in a bathing suit and blouse, provides the necessary responses to his menial meanderings.

A long strand of spider-web floats out across the water, carried by the wind on a fantastic journey.

Flies swarm a dead fish on shore,

"Come, Chris, come!" the couple calls, as they wade out into the water. Their dog swims out anxiously for a few seconds then heads back and barks at the beach.

Spontaneous applause as the dog finally finds the ball and brings it back where it belongs.

frail ghosts

Jutting out like toothpicks,
these frail ghosts of trees
tower forlornly over the
forest as if they were
fortune tellers or crazed
prophets of doom, crying
out, "The End is Near!"
while flatly being ignored
by those proud and green.


Stone upon stone,
We will build ourselves a kingdom
stretching up to heaven
like some proud and ancient tower.

We will build ourselves some beauty
and bring everyone to see it
and to witness that indeed,
We are Something.

We'll build it in the lowest little valley we can find,
because to start upon a mountain
would be cheating;
and we don't want to admit
that Someone Else has played a part
in our crowning moment.

When all has fallen to rust and dust,
We'll build ourselves a monument,
proclaiming, "Hey now, weren't We something?
We may have failed,
but at least we tried!"
Then We'll smile and pat each other's backs
sure We'll be remembered,
then float off just like driftwood,
pulled along by time and tide.

no sudden movements

A bite-sized bird hopping by,
unperturbed by the sight of
myself, chirps cheerfully
then chides me for moving.


There is a certain pleasure in doing something pointless that is instantly lost when a point is introduced. When skipping stones becomes exercise, something fundamentally wrong has gone on in our brains.

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Time:05:42 pm

I'm back from camp. Stories and pictures to come...

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Subject:I wish I had this much free time...
Time:05:54 pm
| Current Musical Selection
| artist: my bloody valentine
| album: loveless
| song: blown a wish


Free running is awesome. I would love to learn how to do some of this stuff...

Rachael's coming on Thursday. That brings joy to the cockles of my heart. So does the word "cockles."

I need to pack for camp. All my stuff is a massive mess right now.

I emailed Blair a bunch of stuff for the comic book that we're going to work on with Sammy. We'll see if anything comes of it.

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Subject:It went funeral, funeral, funeral, funeral, funeral, ugh.
Time:12:27 am
| Current Musical Selection
| artist: bomb the music industry!
| album: goodbye cool world
| song: 5 funerals


I went to a funeral the other day for my brother-in-law's grandfather, Leo Janz, the founder of Janz Team Ministries. Gave me a lot to think about it. I wrote this poem/song before and after the funeral:

FuneralCollapse )

Bomb the Music Industry! - Goodbye Cool World is freaking awesome and it's completely free. If you like punk music, this is the last word. He's about the only guy that can say "damn the man" and not be a hypocrite...maybe.

In any case:

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Subject:Rachael requested a poem.
Time:09:32 pm

So Sayeth the Sage

Answers are unimportant,
just the hurricane caused by the
as he flits and flutters
in a far off land.
No one knows how to live,
only how to keep from
stave off the reaper
for mere moments.
I'll say my faceless farewells
and quietly face the
and smile.
"It's not the answers that are
important," I'll say,
featureless face to a hooded skull,
and he'll nod and turn back to
the shadows.

In other news, my game tomorrow got cancelled, so I won't be umpiring. Which means I'll have more time free to hang out with Ryan, Lisa, Sammy, and Rachael. That makes me happy.

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[icon] A Reformed Mennonite spouts off about things he knows little about.
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