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A Reformed Mennonite spouts off about things he knows little about.

- otherwise known as unreadable tripe.

31 August

I'm a Christian...and stuff. I'm a songwriter, a poet, a screenwriter, a friend, and a student. I'm a few other things as well, but one of them is lazy, so I won't bother writing them all out. I believe in supporting the music industry by actually buying CDs rather than downloading off Kazaa or whatever you find handy. That means I have less money but an easier conscience. I'd say it balances out. I also have almost 200 CDs now, which is very personally satisfying.

I like watching and analyzing movies, but I try not to while the movie's still playing, and I often find it annoying when people do. I get very emotionally connected to a movie and often cry. I'm secure enough in my masculinity to admit that, but not quite secure enough to be proud of it.

That's about all I feel needs to be said in this wee little mini-biography, and pretty much anything else you need to know will find it's way into my journal at some point.